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It’s been so cold these last few months and, as we do every year, we’ve taken pleasure in cosying up indoors and styling our home for a new season.

We’ve been indulging in plush rugs, textured throws and blankets. And, of course, we have been matching these with cushions and candles to add to the cosy atmosphere.

However, our favourite new item this year has got to be our selection of thermal blackout curtains from Enhanced Living. Not only are they great for keeping the light out and the warmth in during winter, but as the weather warms up, they will keep the cool in and the light out. Not to mention their wonderful noise reducing qualities. Ahhhhh…. That’s better.

Now, we’re trying not to get too excited by the thought of spring looming, but we have put many of our winter bedspreads and curtains into sale in both of our stores. So, if you were hoping to get hold of a great offer before the seasons change, now’s the time to head to our stores in Altea and Jávea.

What a lot of our lovely customers don’t know, is that we have seamstresses in both of our stores. Therefore, if you love our curtains, but can’t quite find the right size, you can book our seamstresses to make adjustments for you.

It’s part of our promise to have everything under one roof here to style your home.

Anyway, back to blackout curtains. Our biggest attraction to a good quality curtain, one that blacks out, reduces noise, effectively locks out or traps in heat…. Is its ability to give us a good night’s sleep.

Whatever age we are, sleep is a wonder for our health. But the older we get, it becomes increasingly important. Our team here are making a big effort with our sleep hygiene and wellbeing and we want the same for you.

Here are our top tips for a great night’s sleep.

● Reduce blue light exposure in the evening. That’s scrolling on your phone, computer, watching TV… try to leave at least an hour before using these devices and going to bed.

● Don’t drink caffeine late in the day. Caffeine can stay in your blood for 6-8 hours (it doesn’t always feel like it though hey!?). But that means ideally, not drinking caffeine after 3-4pm otherwise it’s going to negatively affect the quality of your sleep.

● Try to sleep and wake at consistent times. Your body’s circadian rhythm aligns itself with sunrise and sunset. When you break out of your regular pattern, your sleep quality is negatively affected.

● Don’t drink alcohol. What?? We know… We love a nice glass of wine, cosied up in front of the fire in the winter, but there is a lot of sugar in alcohol. Processing sugar late at night will also prevent you from sleeping well.

● Now, this has got to be our favourite tip – optimize your bedroom environment! Make your bedroom a haven of calm. Remove electronics, keep it cool and clutter free and then indulge and style your room in a way that keeps you calm, cosy, comfortable and safe in your happy place. We have a wide range of pillows in our Altea and Jávea stores, all shapes, sizes and levels of softness. We are also constantly adding new products and designs to our social media pages, so if you’re looking for regular inspiration, we’ve added our social media links to the bottom of this article.

Do you have any good sleep tips? Let us know in the comments.

And if there are any topics that you would like to read about, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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